Top athletes have coaches. They help draw out the talent of their players, they provide frameworks to bring out their excellence, and they guide and cheer them on every step of the way.

A life coach is similar, only they assist you in creating the life you want.


Better personal, work
and inter-personal
Relationships etc.

Better work / life
balance and time

Increased business
revenue and prosperity.

Get motivated, be held
accountable and thrive.

Curious Yet?

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Everybody comes into this life with a toolbox exclusive to them. Understanding how to use these tools (behaviours) is paramount in understanding what you are here to do, your purpose and what your strengths and challenges are. Understanding what your unique gifts, talents, abilities and challenges are is an integral part and process of your self-development and understanding of Life.



Marriage is a Journey, Not a Destination

Perhaps you’ve met The One, and you’re already plotting the perfect wedding. But before you get preoccupied with picking out the flowers or saying “yes” to the dress, hit the pause button for a second. Consider this: While creating a memorable wedding day is incredibly exciting (and, let’s face it, stressful!), creating the basis for a marriage that thrives after the ceremony’s over and the party’s packed up is even more crucial.

So…..Learn what your rights are, what you need to know on how to best to run your new household, understanding the in-laws, become very aware of behaviour patterns during good and not-so-good times, know the roles each one plays in the financial sector, about kids and even more…


  • 3 x 120-minute sessions face to face or
    online sessions.
  • 1x Questionnaire with feedback.
  • 1x Behavioural Analysis for each and a combined
    synergy behaviour pattern.
  • 1 x eBook for each individual.

INVESTMENT: R 3,997.00


The LifePrint formulae and methodology was launched to evaluate a person, relationship, team or group’s baseline behaviour patterns and the required highest driving needs that are necessary to feel valued and fulfilled within life or business.

When this is applied, the result is higher engagement, elevated efficiency and happier more connected people who are
inspired and produce higher quality results consistently.

What all of this actually means is that…..

  • We can successfully analyse your behaviour pattern when
    you’re in a good space in your world and when you’re not.
  • By completely understanding why you react, shout or always
    give in despite the promises to yourself that you won’t or
  • Why you’re super quiet when something goes wrong
    compared to how your children scream back at you, or
  • How you slow to get moving in the morning compared to
    your spouse who’s such a morning person!


The key is so that you can then make better informed
behavioural changes thus altering your state and
space in world.

What this eventually does is accelerate your
transformation and offers you the opportunity to
behave completely differently.

  • Add on other family members and understand the synergy of
    why your family behaves the way when you’re all together.
  • Understand why your team/work colleagues and you just
    don’t hit it off or work well together.
  • Understand your husband / boss and be totally prepared for
    their outbursts well in advance, giving you enough time to

A report will be given to you for your records.

A 1-hour stand-alone session of your LifePrint is R497.


If you ask any parent what they want for their kids, the answer would be, “to be happy, successful, and healthy.”

Unfortunately, the pressures on our children today are vast and as parents, seeing our kids struggle can be both frustrating and worrisome.They start struggling with their studies, with teachers’ expectations, with their friends and social skills, with authority, with their siblings, and even with us as loving parents.

So, what’s a parent to do?

No matter what a child’s experiences or challenges, they deserve to have the tools to equip them in dealing with life’s curveballs with confidence.

Coaching can benefit kids with many difficulties.

Ø Low academic achievements
Ø Behaviour problems,
Ø Asperger’s,
Ø Social skills difficulties,
Ø Sibling rivalry, anxiety,
Ø Lack of motivation,
Ø Dealing with peer pressure,
Ø And so much more.

The goal of all of this is to help your child to develop a strong sense self by building a soaring self-esteem, helping him/her to set goals and attain those goals by giving them the tools to make good decisions during the toughest times.

The main aim is not to change who they are, but how they are.

Price is R497 per session for an hour.


The course can be completed up to Module 2, which will significantly assist you on your personal healing, self-work and integration thereof. This is a 4 month process.
Module 3 and 4 are designed for those who wish to be certified and create a self-sustaining practice from the teachings and are not compulsory (although highly recommended!).

What is the difference between coaching and counselling?

1) Counselling generally aims to solve problems by understanding what happened in the past. Coaching is almost exclusively future-focused.

2) To counsel means to give advice. Coaches do not give advice – instead we use various techniques to facilitate the process of an individual finding the best path for themselves.

Is coaching appropriate for me?

If you want a change of some sort – whether it is changing or creating a habit or behaviour, improving your work-life balance, changing your career, improving your relationships, being more creative at work etc – AND you are ready to take steps to achieve it, then you will benefit from having a coach.

What can a coach help me with?

Coaches utilise techniques to help their clients in all aspects of life. If you’ve ever struggled with something – whether it be moving out of your comfort zone, improving your confidence or starting healthy habits, then consulting a life coach could help you.

How long will I need to work with a coach?

It depends on where you are, where you want to go, and how quickly you want to get there. Some clients are able to achieve their goals in as little as one to three months. Most often, clients stay with a coach anywhere from six to eighteen months. After clients realise their first goals, they often identify other areas they want to work on. The coaching relationship continues as long as there is benefit to the client.

What is NLP?

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is thought to be one of the most effective and accessible self-help methods to come from modern psychology. Many life coaches use NLP techniques to help ‘reprogramme’ clients’ patterns of thinking and behaving. NLP works on the basis of assessing a client’s perception (on a sub-conscious level) of the world and adapting our behaviour and reactions to enable us to live a happy, desired life.

How much does coaching cost and how can I pay?

Professionally trained, certified coaches charge fees in line with other highly trained professionals. Fees vary from coach to coach, and are based on a variety of factors. I charge on a package basis. Our fee arrangement is worked out once we’ve had a discussion and I have a better understanding of your current situation and goals. Payment can be made by either cash, PayPal or EFT.